GLE staking LIVE

⚠️GLE staking LIVE⚠️

As promised, we will be temporarily bringing back staking. Instead of this being LP staking like last time, we decided to go with single token staking which only requires you to stake GLE to earn GLE.

Since you are not providing liquidity, the APR is lower and more sustainable this time around and it gives people the opportunity to earn some extra GLE while the team is working on delivering our utilities.

There is a lock up period now, so please determine if this is something that you want to do before locking your tokens.

Lockup periods
1month-NO bonus
3month-10% bonus
6month-25% bonus

Min tokens-The minimum amount of tokens you can stake is 1500 tokens.

Max tokens-no more than 500k tokens can be staked at once to prevent the biggest holders from eating up the entire staking pool.

We will be utilizing Unicrypts staking protocol.

We chose to go with Unicrypt because it’s a reputable platform, and it will be a great place for exposure as people see our staking protocol on the platfom.

Please read through the documentation provided below if you have any questions on how-to-stake on the Unicrypt website.

There is no fee to stake or unstake(other than gas fees). These tokens are earned on a linear schedule, so you can claim at different intervals when it makes the most sense for you.


Staking Link

If you are staked,make sure you click the subscribe button or you will NOT begin earning rewards.

The reason you must subscribe is because this is a rewards pool, and on Unicrypt we can open multiple rewards pools.

Do this ASAP because you are missing out on potential rewards!!