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GLE Staking

GLE staking LIVE As promised, we will be temporarily bringing back staking. Instead of this being LP staking like last time, we decided to go with single token staking which only requires you to stake GLE to earn GLE. Since you are not providing liquidity, the APR is lower and more sustainable this time around […]


GLE TREE NFTs MINTING! To participate in the minting and get your hands on our GLE Trees, kindly follow the below steps/links cited to know more about NFTs and how to go about your purchase/minting. – To know more about NFT’s – To know more about Polygon blockchain – Minting Page – Smart Contract  MINTING […]

The partnership and the DAO – GLEs objectives explained

Hi everyone, the date is 30/05/2022 this signifies as an incredibly crucial milestone for GLE. Green Life Energy GLE Ltd. will be in Turkey all this week meeting with Biogas energy firm Pales and Mundius. We mentioned roughly one week ago that GLE had signed a HUGE partnership worth 200 million with Pales and Mundius […]

What is Green Life Energy or GLE?

Green Life Energy GLE is a digital asset built for payments based on renewable energy and recycling. Okay so where does the Green Energy come into this? GLE operates using blockchains that are massively more eco-friendly to the environment as opposed to other harsher cryptocurrencies that use massive amounts of energy on mining rigs. GLEs […]

GLE huge renewable utility deal details!

Pales is a renewable energy technology company. Berkin Imer, the Chairman of Pales has established with his partners an investment company called MUNDIUS Incorporation, to collect their current and future renewable energy investments under the umbrella of this company. Together, Mundius and GLE are going to create a foundation called Green Life Foundation (GLF). The […]


We’d like to first start off by saying that we appreciate everyone in our community for being so patient while we work on building our brand. Its been a hectic couple of months with tons of meetings to get everything aligned to prepare for Green Life Energy to deliver on its promised utilities. We’re very […]